Party Tips

Time for a few tips to get the party started!
Spark the celebration with your sparkling candle.  Place it in a cake or dessert and dim the lights before lighting it. Then dazzle your guests as you make your way through the party. 
Everybody loves making new friends. So, if your guests don’t know each other, introduce them to each other and tell them an interesting piece of information about each other.  It’s sure to get them talking!
Nobody likes turning up at a party empty handed.  Before the party write up a list of things you would like to serve.  Then, if anyone asks if they can bring anything, simply choose something from the list.  That way you don’t end up with 1 bag of crisps and 20 dips!
From fresh talent to alternative classics, it can be hard to know what music to play. That’s why we’ve created the ultimate Party Sparkles Playlist.  So, all you have to do is click here and pump up the volume to really get the party started.

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