Party Tips

Time for a few tips to get the party started!

Spark the celebration with your sparkling candle.  Place it in a cake or dessert and dim the lights before lighting it. Then dazzle your guests as you make your way through the party. 
Everybody loves dressing up. So, add a bit of class to your evening with a red carpet theme. It couldn’t be easier. Simply ask your guests to dress to impress and then enjoy the spotlight. Perfect!
Now for a Very Important Party tip. When you celebrate with Night Sparkles you’ll feel like a star. So, why not invite some VIPs to join the most exclusive party in town?  Simply make a handful of VIP cards, hand them out to anyone in the venue that catches your eye and party like a celebrity.  The perfect way to meet a star!
Night Sparkles pump up the volume of any party. That’s why we’ve created the ultimate Night Sparkles Party Playlist.  Simply click here and we’ll get you in the zone so you can really get the party started.

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